This summer, we invite you to lace up your sneakers and join us for our summer activity challenge!  50 Miles in Summer is open to all ages and abilities and is a great opportunity to motivate yourself, your co-workers, and friends to be more active, one mile at a time.  It is not a race, or a contest, but an individual challenge of stamina, determination, and resilience.
The challenge starts on Monday, June 13th and finishes on Saturday, August 20th.  The goal is to move 50 (or more) human-powered miles in 70 days.  This can be completed in the form of walking, running, swimming, cycling, kayaking, Zumba, etc.  We hope to promote active lifestyles and get Windsor MOVING!
Following are the ways you can complete the challenge:
  •  Walking / running / jogging / hiking:  on a treadmill, indoor track, outdoor track, or anywhere around town!  (See the library's list of suggestions for walking around town).
  • Swimming:  you will receive 3 miles of credit for every 1 mile you swim.
  • Biking:  you will receive 1 mile of credit for every 3 miles you cover on a bike (actual bike OR exercise bike).
  • Exercise Classes:  you will receive 2 miles of credit for each class you complete.
  • Cardio Equipment: this includes elliptical trainers, steppers, rowers, cross country ski machine, etc. at your home or at a local fitness center - about 20 minutes of exercise = 1 mile
  • Kayaking or Canoeing:  about 20 minutes of rowing = 1 mile

Sign up at the library on or after June 1st to receive your mileage log.  You can use a pedometer, smartphone app (we have a list!), fitbit (approximately 2250 steps = 1 mile) or GPS unit to help keep track of the distance you cover, or check out our list of walks around town with mileage already calculated for you.

And to help you reach your goal, join the library in a number of outdoor activity programs around town this summer!  Join us for what promises to be a fun low-stress way to explore our great town!
Those who complete the challenge will receive a small prize!
Walks completed with the library:
Saturday, June 18th, 10:00am: Exploring Paradise Park with Barbara Rhoad: If you attended this walk, you can add 2.54 miles to your log.