Windsor Public Library 5K Your Way!

August 31st - September 7th.



Complete a virtual 5K to benefit the Windsor Public Library any time during the week of August 31st and any way you'd like! You can duckwalk the entire 5 kilometers. Or run like the wind! Do butterfly strokes while lapping the swimming pool. Hang glide. We will have a prize for the most creative way of completing the race.

Do you want to do more than 5K? Yes to that as well! Challenge yourself with a 5-Mile Your Way, a 15-Mile Your Way, even a 50-Mile Your Way. There will also be a prize for longest distance.

 Cost: It costs only $10 to sign up and participate. But, if you’d like, you can also create your own race page and have friends, etc., sponsor you as well, which we would so appreciate.

So, either come to the library, sign up, and pay the $10 entry fee. Or if you’d prefer, you can sign up online via MightyCause, Order your snazzy t-shirt for an extra $15 if you'd like, and then have fun with it! Send us pics of you on your event. Keep it active! Keep it creative! And we'll all have fun while raising money for the Windsor Public Library. Thank you so much for your support.