It is time once again for our Annual Essay Contest!
Submissions are due to the Library by Friday, April 26th
9th graders are encouraged to write a final chapter for the novel, The Giver, picking up where author Lois Lowry leaves off.  You can choose to write in the style of the author from the 3rd person point of view, or you may choose to write form the perspective of one of the characters.  However you choose, you must be consistent.  You must include:
  • what happens to Jonas, Gabe, the Giver, and Jonas' family
  • what happens to the community Jonas left behind - including the people living in it
  • clear narrative cohesion - the transition from the novel's ending to where you pick the story up must make sense and progress smoothly
  • length should be 2-3 pages, 11 or 12 size font, double spaced
  • optional: chapter title
7th and 8th graders are encouraged to write a "fictional" cover letter to a potential employer in a field that you might hope to work in some day.  The letter should describe the type of job you might like to apply for and what makes you a good candidate for that job.
More about our contest:
At a meeting in November of 2006, the Board of Directors of the Friends unanimously approved a motion that resulted in the creation of the Bertha Frothingham Memorial Prize, first awarded by the Friends in 2008. The prize is presented to a child who has shown an outstanding affinity for written word, through an essay contest, held yearly. Any child whose primary residence is Windsor, Vermont, and is in the 7th or 8th grade is eligible to enter and win the prize. No child may be eligible to win the prize on more than one occasion. Entries consist of a cover letter and original essay, sent or delivered to the board at the library, 43 State Street, Windsor, VT. One winner will be named each year at the sole discretion of the board, with the prize being awarded at the Friends Annual Meeting, held in May of each year.