Draft plans: 1st floor:
Draft plans: basement:
Picture from the hall, outside the office at the top of the stairs. This is looking in toward where the lift door will be.
 Here is from the landing outside the office (same location as above) but looking down the stairs:
 Following is the view from the basement looking up at the staircase:
Here is the view from inside the office on the first floor. This doorway and pieces of this bookshelf will be turned into space for the lift. Sorry about all the clutter. I was dodging co-workers while trying to take this. I can clear out stuff and take another pic if that's needed.
Here is another picture from inside the office. Just of the back of the door and the shelf:
Following is a pic from the top of the stairs looking at the door into the office. This is where the lift will hopefully be.
Here is a final picture from the hallway looking into the office. The door on the left goes into the main part of the library. This door will be reset to open out toward the main library rather than in toward the stairs.